About Us

The Beginning

We met in college. Jeremy was a senior majoring in creative writing and Christy was a sophomore majoring in early childhood education. We got married just ten months after first meeting. Jeremy got a job in trucking and Christy finished up her last two years of college. We became pregnant with Lala the last semester of college. After graduation, Jeremy transferred to North Carolina so that we could live closer to Christy's family.

Our Girl

Our oldest child and only daughter Lala made a very dramatic entrance into the world. She is a girly girl, and loves art and reading, and she recently started taking piano lessons. Lala is a huge help to us. She is the only child her age that we know who can change the diapers of all three of her brothers. She has a tender heart. She loves to educate her friends and complete strangers about Autism, and she takes her responsibility of big sister very seriously.

Our First Boy

Jack was our first miracle baby. We found out that we were expecting again when Lala was only three months old. Jack was born ten weeks prematurely, and spent the first six weeks of his life in the NICU. He had to be intubated, he had two collapsed lungs, heart surgery, and a brain bleed, but our gracious Heavenly Father spared his life, and he is now perfectly healthy. Jack recently joined the Boy Scouts, and he loves it. He also enjoys riding his bike and going to the skate park with Daddy. Jack is serious about his responsibility to protect his younger brothers. He is very sensitive to how others view his brothers that have Autism.

Our Second Boy

Jo was a very healthy baby at birth, but he contracted Meningitis when he was only one week old. We were rushed to Duke by ambulance. Jo’s case was difficult because he tested positive for two different types of Meningitis. The doctors admonished us to treat Jo with an IV antiviral medication called Acyclovir for 21 days. We cannot know for sure if the Meningitis or the treatment caused the Autism, but we believe that it most likely damaged his brain. Jo was diagnosed with Autism when he was almost two. He is a precious little boy who loves his family. We often find him staring at family photos, and he loves when we get together with our extended family. Josiah is a lover, and, the more he likes you, the harder he loves on you. He LOVES the water, and would live in the bathtub if we let him.

Our Angel Baby

We found out that we were expecting our fourth baby when Jo was still little. At 8-9 weeks of pregnancy, God chose to take Tory Michal to heaven. The loss of our baby caused us to yearn even more for heaven, and we so look forward to the day when we can be reunited with our precious angel baby.

Our Heart for Adoption and Our Third Boy

Early in our relationship, we talked about adoption, and discussed how much we wanted to adopt and how great it would be if we could do this while our biological children were young. The loss of Tory made us focus on the frailty of life and how none of us is promised another day on this earth. We felt it was time to consider adoption. Two couples in our church had adopted through a Christian agency called Amazing Grace Adoptions and Orphan Care. We contacted the agency to request some information. God chose to move in a miraculous way, and Jay-Jay joined our family through adoption just four months later in 2008. He was just nine days old when we got him, and he appeared to be healthy in every way. Right after his first birthday, we noticed that his development seemed to suddenly be delayed. Our bright and engaged baby became lost in his own little world. We became convinced that Jay-Jay also had Autism, and our fears were confirmed when he was diagnosed at 18 months old. We know that this was God’s perfect plan for our family, and we are so blessed to have him. He loves mud, and loves to get dirty. He is a brilliant little boy. He memorized the alphabet and numbers 1-10 not long after turning two. The amazing thing is that we never taught him this. His doctors believe he has something called Hyperlexia. He loves to look at books (he may actually be reading them) and play in water. His favorite place to be is outside.

Our Fourth Boy

Jude was certainly a surprise. He made his smooth arrival in 2009. He was a perfect distraction for us during a time of great difficulty. He has kept us just busy enough that we have been unable to dwell too much on the difficulties of being a family touched by Autism. We joke that he was jealous of the attention his brothers have gotten during their therapy sessions. After all, Jude has been toted around to more therapy sessions than we could possibly count. When he turned two, we noticed some significant signs of delayed development. After a thorough evaluation, a team of doctors and therapists determined that he was delayed in his development, but they believed that it had a lot to do with having two older siblings with Autism. He now receives speech and educational therapy, and he is so excited when the therapists arrive to work with him. Jude loves to do everything Jack does. He is most definitely a mini Jack. No description of him would be complete without including his MoeMoe. Christy’s cousin Missy moved to Graham three years ago to pursue a degree in Forensic Biology. She fell in love with Jude when he was born. Missy has been a tremendous help over the past few years, and she spends most of her spare time loving on her little man. She is truly his second Mama! He does not yet understand about Autism, but he is so sweet when he interacts with Jo and Jay-Jay. He corrects them when they do something they shouldn’t or when they are doing something dangerous. Recently, he took Jo by the hand and showed him how to get to the top of a McDonald’s playhouse. He is going to be a huge help as he gets older.


  1. I love this family!

    Miss Casey

  2. Jeremy, I enjoyed getting to learn about your family. I just subscribed to your RSS feed.


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