Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy 40th Dad and Mom!

-from Christy

I can't think of a better post to write than this one upon our return to the blog. We have had a long break for various reasons that will be explained in future posts, but today I want to focus on two people who make living with Autism a little easier every day.

My Daddy and Mama started dating when he was in college and she was in high school. Mama's brother John Lee was my Daddy's roommate at Bob Jones University. Mama has often told me that she knew she wanted to marry my Daddy when she was just fifteen years old. Today marks their 40th year of marriage, but, in some ways, I bet they feel like it was just yesterday when he took her on his college dating outing.

I had a blessed childhood, and my parents made a home full of faith, love, and service. They argued infrequently, and, when they did disagree, they made up quickly. They taught my older brothers and me the importance of loving God, loving each other, and loving others. If someone was to ask me to pinpoint the single most influential lesson my parents taught me, it would be "to do my best in whatever God calls me to for the glory of God and the eternal good of others." My Daddy always says to Finish well.

Often I think about the fact that my parents are not just grandparents to children with special needs. They are also parents to a daughter and son-in-law who have some pretty unique needs. They have had to actively parent me far longer than they probably ever imagined, but they have done this in love without ever complaining. When we need them, they are always there. They choose to help us in practical ways that make a huge difference in our ability
to just keep going. My parents greatest desire is to see us Finish well.

How does all this relate to Autism? I thank God every day that my parents taught me to focus on eternity. This life is not all there is. God has a perfect plan for us and our children, and we can trust in that on good days and bad. My parents have a marriage that has stood the test of time and trials. They have experienced joy and sorrow together, and their example is one that gives me such confidence in God's sovereignty and love for His children. They are the best parents and grandparents I know. They give me an even greater desire to Finish well.

Dad and Mama thank you for your faith, love, and support. Thank you for still taking care of me, and for so sacrificially caring for my family! Happy 40th Anniversary!

Daddy and Mama with their 40th Anniversary present (pictures of all the grandkids)!


  1. Christen, This is a beautiful tribute to your precious parents. I am so thankful for their lives and testimony to me and soooo many more through these 40 years. May God bless them with many, many more! Thank you for sharing and I love the pictures of them through the years. Love to your parents and thanks for all they have meant to me and the example they have been.

  2. Tammi - Thank you so much for your loving words!

    1. That comment was from me Tam! That is what I get for responding on Jeremy's computer. :)Love you! Christy

  3. I often think how blessed I am to be in our family! Not only do I have Godly parents, but also Christ-following aunts and uncles as examples! Love your mom and dad much - they have often been an encouragement to me over the years.

  4. Jess- I am thankful for our family and godly heritage too! Love you so much! Chris


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