Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is your story of GRACE?

- from Christy

Jeremy and I met while attending college at Bob Jones University. Several times a year, the University puts on a program called Vespers. A good friend of ours recently posted a link to a video that was shared in one of the Vespers programs this year. The video was excellent, and it helped me put words to the thoughts I have been struggling with for some time. Three stories of grace were shared, and the video ends by asking, "What is your story of GRACE?"

When contemplating this question, I can recall several stories of God's abundant grace being made evident in my life. All of these circumstances have built upon each other. They have caused me to know beyond all knowing that my God is good, and that He has always been faithful to me. In the midst of sleepless nights and unending meltdowns, in the midst of uncertainty about the future and heartache about questions I can't answer now, in the midst of my failings and my sin, I know that Jesus Christ has all of this planned out. He knows my every thought and every concern. He knows my grief, and He grieves with me. Our boys have been perfectly created by an all wise, all knowing, all powerful, all loving creator. Because of God's faithfulness and grace in our lives, I can honestly say that I would not change our boys. Emotions will come and times of weakness are inevitable, but, in the end, all that matters is that God is good. 

Please click on the link below, and take time to watch the video. I pray it will be a blessing to you as much as it was to me. Many of our readers will particularly appreciate the story from the perspective of a mother with special needs children.

Here are some pictures from our one snow day this winter! There wasn't a lot of snow, but the kids had a blast!


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  1. OMgosh Christy great photos. I giggled seeing Josiah with the doughnuts. We always have them in the house because Josh loves them. Also your little one is getting so big. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed this post.


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