Monday, November 14, 2011

Our House

- from Christy

Jeremy and I bought our first house in Eli Whitney in January of 2003. It was a great first home, and we shared many memories both happy and sad in the years that we lived there. We really never saw ourselves moving. Eli Whitney is about a thirty minute drive from Graham, and, after the boys recieved their diagnosis, it made it very difficult to set up a therapy schedule because of the distance our various therapists would have to drive. We decided to set up their therapies at my parent's house in Graham, but this meant that we spent all day every day at their house. Papa and Meemaw were so gracious to let us invade, but being there all day made it very hard to get anything done at home. It added stress to an already stressful situation.

In 2010, we decided to put our house up for sale. The fact that it sold in about four weeks made us feel certain God was making His will very clear for our family. We decided to rent a house in Graham for a year until we figured out exactly where we needed to be. In 2011, our realtor, who happens to be a dear friend of ours from church, helped us find the perfect home. It was the only house on the market that met our criteria for safety. Josiah and Jalen are both runners. Runner is a term used in the Autism community to refer to a child on the spectrum that has the urge to roam or take off running away from caregivers or away from areas of safety. These children lack the understanding of danger, and, in the case of our boys, they often run to danger.

We needed a home that was only one story (the fewer steps the better), that had a main living area where I could keep an eye on the boys at all times, and that had four bedrooms all located near each other. We also needed a good sized back yard that was fully enclosed with a fence. God opened the door for us to purchase our home quickly. Several volunteers from our church and school helped us clean and paint the house and move all of our belongings. We have been amazed to see how God has provided for us. 

*If you are looking for a fantastic realtor who services Alamance County and the surrounding areas, check out Robin Allred with Coldwell Banker Triad Realtor. She is fantastic!


  1. It's beautiful! Gail told me you all had found a house and moved, and it looks perfect for your family. How in the world do you find time to keep it so neat and clean?!! :)

  2. Nancy - You are too sweet. Trust me. Some days it is clean and, plenty of others, it is a hot mess! Another benefit of being in town is that my family helps me keep up with things. We are blessed!


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